Is it bad that I feel this way?

Is it bad that ever since I found out my crush didn't like me like I actually hate him. I don't mean to exaggerate but it's true... I actually hate seeing him or even being around him. Is that a bad thing?
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I don't HATE HIM I just don't know honestly I guess I really just don't kn w anymore I have NEVER and I mean NEVER have had a guy make me cry as much as him:/


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  • It's kind of drastic to jump from like to hate, maybe you're just hurt and disappointed and annoyed. It'll pass but don't do anything drastic because of your new found hate, you'll regret it when your mind clears.

    Hate is such a strong word.

    • I know😕 I'm just really disappointed and I just thought his actions towards me was "Flirting" but he was making fun of me and telling everyone I like him so I don't know. And I won't do anything drastic lol he's just a guy but he just really hurt me that's all

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    • Lol oh my gosh!😂😂😂 Yeah and thank you for the advice!

    • haha no problem!

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What Guys Said 3

  • You have every right to hate him but he is not obligated to like you just because you have a crush on him Is it wrong no but why waste time hating somebody when you could do something productive. I don't know who this cat is all I know is you dodged a bullet because he could've used you...

  • Hating him is not right. Hating to see him or be around him, understandable and not out of line in my opinion. There's a difference.

  • Yes and no because he obviously broke you but you hate hate someone for having the same feelings as you

    • Well I don't actually hate him but I don't know I just feel that way towards him. He REALLY hurt me you have no idea...

What Girls Said 1

  • It is normal to feel that way. Hate away!


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