Being being friends with a girl whos taken, is it a waste?

I really like this girl, we get along so well, she's so easy to talk to and really pretty. I've met her at the begining of the year as we have the same chem class. she's had a bf loong before i met her, and well it hurts me when i see her stories of them kissing. I dont wanna confess the love i have towards her, and i dnt see her and her bf breaking up anytime soon, Should i just stop talking to her? am i wasting my timer with her, and should i move on?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Can you not stay friends with her? it's a very common debate between us guys and girls as to why guys 99% of the time just drop their girl friends instead of staying friends, some guys say to not be reminded of being rejected but it seems like a really dumb excuse, it's such a little thing to lose a friend over. But... if you insist on losing her as yoru friend please at least be honest with her before you leave, tell her you like her and that you can't stay friends because it hurts you seeing her with her bf, you knew from the start she was with someone but you don't want to intruid on their relationship, don't go flat out cold and ignore her if you choose this path, us girls hate this and feel it's really rude.

    • thanks you! this is the best advice.,,,, but how would she respond if i came clean like u stated?

    • Not as bad as if you stopped talking to her and ignored her every attempt to contact you :) we get a tone more mad over that than anything becase we feel like you never even cared about us.

Most Helpful Guy

  • First you need to respect her relationship and keep yourself out of it. Next, she will only see you as a friend and nothing more. Like Kevdaman said this will only lead you to getting hurt by never getting what you want from her. I would not continue to be friends, I would not wait either because while you are waiting for something that may never be you could miss out on someone else even better. Plenty of fish out there!


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What Girls Said 3

  • Stop thinking about her in that way. You're better off moving on, if being with her is the only thing on your mind. #fakefriend

    • im not a fake friend. i like her and it kinda makes me feel something when i see her with her bf, so yea its like that, i dont just want her cuz i want a gf, i genuinely like her

    • But like... you knew she had a bf before you became her friend so why start thinking about her romantically in the first place? Seems like you're staying in this "friendship" with the hopes of it accumulating to something else eventually. But it probably won't. So, move on. Start dating other girls. You'll just hurt yourself talking to her.

  • If you can't be just friends with her then stop talking to her because you're only going to end up hurting yourself or making her feel awkward and/or shitty.

    • yea i really like her, and i felt like she really likes me but not enough to be with me

  • Why can you not just be friends? If someone were my friend I'd want them not to have some motive behind it, and instead just be a friend.


What Guys Said 2

  • What's gonna happen is you're going to spend your time with her and start to like her and then she's gonna rip out your heart by telling your that the two of you can only ever be just friends

  • Just keep you distance and try somewhere else

    • yea im begining to lean towards that idea, how would u recommend me do it? i dont want to just ignore her cuz then shell be mad

    • Slowly stop texting her, but remain casual friends. If you get busy slowly, she will not get mad, yet the best solution is to find another girl to fall for which is the hardest.

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