Signs that a guy just wants to take advantage of you?

I'm a virgin and I've been with this guy for 6 months. I'm worried that if I ever plan on having sex with him, he will leave me afterwards. How do I know if something like this will happen? What are signs a guy will do this?


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  • Time is the best way to find out. If he's still with you after a year he's probably legit


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  • Depends.. i think 6 months is still too soon.. now. i dont know your age but you should never go too fast in a relationship. you want that time to be special and not give all of yourself to some jerk. Like if he just messages you when he wants something thats obvious, or if he ignores you and only talks to you when he wants something. I would say WAIT, trust me. that time will come get to know this guy more


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  • The fact that he's been with you for 6 months already means something


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