All he does is stare why?

I don't know why he just stares. He won't talk to me. There's this guy that I like and he just stares. Why? Is because I'm not pretty? I look unapproachable? Guys I need your help.
How can he talk to other girls but not me? I don't understand.
He asked a girl to the military ball. Does he like me or no? Should I move on?


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  • Approach him, it's clear he's too shy to say hi.

    • He's spoke once but not a conversation. When he talks to girls as friends he stares at me. Why?

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    • You said that twice now

    • Sorry

Most Helpful Girl

  • No, it's not that your not pretty or unapproachable etc. have you ever thought maybe he's shy?

    • But he talks to a lot of girls as friends. Every time he talks to girls he always stares at me.

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    • Yeah hope everything works out for you:)

    • Thanks

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  • Your beautiful and he's scared of rejection.

    • How does he know if I'll reject him or not. He won't even try to talk to me. When he talks to girls as friends he'lol just stare. Why?

    • you're a fucking idiot lol

    • Excuse me? How am I?

What Girls Said 1

  • Ughh i have the same problem:'( (criess)

    • He won't talk to you at all either

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    • Awww cutee. Well that's a start. Keep that up :)

    • Alright. Thank you

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