A kiss on the forehead- what does this mean?

So I have this "friends with benefits" friend and we have set out clear guidelines for our "relationship" for instance, we each have children and we only contact each other when our kids are at the other parents house we have never met each other's children either. But anyways, the other day he came by we did our thing and as we were getting ready to part our ways. We were talking about something ( I don't even know what) and he put his arm around me, then went in for a hug, then gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. What does this mean? He has never done this before and we have been doing this for at least 6 months. Thanks in advance!
I have never had any guy kiss me on the forehead. Let alone my "friend" lol.


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  • He's starting to catch feelings for you.

    Which is why those type of relationship almost never work.


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  • it's sweet, but it doesn't mean he's catching feelings.


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