Did I turn him on?

So, we had a group work at Uni and the guy I like and me were in the same group. I like him and he has told me indirectly that he likes me too, but we're not in a relationship.
Anyway we were writing dowm some answers and his paper was about to fall off the desk, so we both reached to catch it and my hand touched his hand and his fingers.
I looked at his face almost immediately and he had a strange face expression... like he was in pain and it was kind of tight..
Why he had this expression?
Did I turn him on?


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  • This is what I think. He was not in pain. It sounds like you turned him on and got him horny and he was trying to show you that you had this affect on him. He probably had a boner and maybe a bulge in his pants.

    • Umm So he was trying to show me that I had this affect on him by having this face expression?
      Cause when I looked at him after the touch he didn't look at me back nor did he talk to me for a while..

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    • Ok thanks :)

    • Your welcome :) Just keep talking to him. Can I ask how it would make you feel if he was horny over you? Because if you like the fact he is horny over you next time let him know you like it.

  • yea he wanted to show u dat.. damn i can't put up with this anymore, i want u bad and i want u know.


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