Is this guy still trying to date me even though I rejected him? I told him we could be friends so maybe he wants that?

We went out on a few dates. Nothing serious. Wasn't really feeling much of a spark, although we had really good conversations. I eventually told him I wasn't interested in a relationship at the moment (bit of a cop out, but whatever). He replied, and i quote, that he wasn't either and that he was sorry to give me "the wrong impression." Cool. I told him we could still be friends.

So anyways, he cooled off and was a bit brisk with me when I ran into him on the bus. Still friendly, just cold. I figured this was a sign that he had accepted the rejection, though his feelings were maybe hurt, and he was ready to move on. We went back to chatting about random shit and then eventually he got a bit... suggestive again?

Like asking me when he could come over to see my new Christmas lights, asking me to go hiking with him, saying that exercise was almost as good as sex, trying to give me rides places...

Is this behavior typical of someone that genuinely wants to be friends, or does it sound like he's still trying to have more than that?


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  • Well you should of been honest, just said you didn't feel chemistry, instead of pussy footing around with your excuse. It was nice that you softened the blow, and most guys can see through that BS excuse, but if it went over his head, and he believed you, he might still have a small glimmer of hope for the future.
    In the future, just be honest, you will be respected, we are all big boys, it bruises our ego, but we can handle it

    • I had someone soften the blow similarly once, but they also added I was a amazing, fabulous person with the wildest sense of humour...
      Just left me more confused

  • Maybe he just knew he was cold the last time, so wanted to make up.
    But yes being a guy and being single he ll b like 'i ll see where it goes'. lol
    only this time he won't keep his hopes high and would be ready with the consequences.


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