Is This A Good Or Bad Sign?

After having phone sex with a guy is it a good sign if he's like "am i dreaming" then I'm like "you might be" then he sais breathlessly "wow. who knew me and you, you know, would do that?" then I'm like "not ous for sure" then we both chuckle. Then after a moment or two of just being quiet i whisper "chris" then he whispers back "yea" then I'm like "goodnight" then i hang up right after i said that.

Then after about 8 minutes or so my phone starts ringing and it's him, but I don't answer, i just let it ring...

Is that a good idea what I did? If you're a guy why would you call again after doing you know what on the phone?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Maybe? Because I don't have anyone else to talk to, otherwise I wouldn't.
    I said it might have been a good idea because it could have "made his day" but might not because he might get obsessed with you.


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  • haha. no its not a good idea and i would love to know y u girls would do that crazy.

    to him its like some psycho thing and that u had previously made up ur mind to leave him and u did this maybe as souvenir.

    i would call again to know why the fuck did u just hang up like that.
    and also in that 8 minutes been wondering, what is she upto to, did she cut me off , or is it something wrong that i did, maybe she's expecting me to call etc.


What Girls Said 1

  • He probably feels rejected, like as if you used him to get yourself off and then hung up on him. /:


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