Boys, Why we are so much attracted with BOOPS?

Is there anyone know the reason?
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  • Dont know, But I love BOOPS
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  • It's because of culture. You've been socially conditioned to be attracted to them since forever. Go to certain places in Africa - the women there walk around topless and nobody cares at all.

    • Well said. The reason may be hiding also

    • In one of my nursing courses we learned about patient skin exposure and how different it can be as to what is considered a private area in a country. Some indigenous cultures it's your shoulders or their knees. So it's definitely social conditioning.

    • Well said @Faye4ever

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  • Because you are curious about things you don't have.

    • Nice. But we dont have Vegina also. Even though we are giving so much interest to BOOBS why?

    • so you never look at a camel toe

    • Just now came to know. Even though I like boobs only :)

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