Why doesn't he talk to me?

There's this guy in my class at college who I catch looking at me sometimes. We're in contact via FB but the other week he told me he doesn't like texting. I've phoned him a couple of times and he's seemed happy enough to hear from me but it's awkward. He has a female friend who he talks to and laughs with and he talks to all the other girls in class but not me unless I start the conversation. How can I change that and what might be the reason for it? I was thinking of not messaging him until I see him next but I know it'll be hard.
I'm quite content to be friends and I know they aren't an item, she's not interested in him.


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  • He likes you a lot. he finds all the other girls easy to talk to but you make him nervous. Don't worry about the txting thing, either he's playing hard to get or he honestly doesn't like to. You should ask him out.

    • Thanks for the mho girl

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  • I don't think he and you are what you want he and you to be.


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