GUYS Help me out with the mixed signals im getting?

So there is this guy's I have known for years. We were the best of friends and we loved eachother, he asked me to move back home and marry him but at the time I was in a bad relationship, was in school and had family issues back home that I couldn't talk with anybody about... we had serious talks about me leaving this guy I was with because of the way he treated me and things he said and the bottom line is that I screwed up because I was young and dumb and fed into every lie I was told, every negative thing he had to say about me and I was scared at the same time about what could happen if I left and when home and this love of mine woke up one day and though ti wasn't beautiful anymore or he just didn't love me... so come crunch time I couldn't do it... I knew I was making a mistake but I couldn't. He lost his temper on me on said a lot of mean things and told me later it was because I made him upset and hurt him.
He is with a girl now and I really don't think he believes she's the one... I have good reason why I know that actually... and we still talk but he's really confusing me.
When we first started talking again I ended it with my boyfriend and told him and his reply was "it hope your not doing this for me because I'm perfectly happy with my life right now and don't want to change anything." Then it talked later of moving home and he replied " do you know how many times you've said that? You never will" and then he told me he needed space... so we stopped talking and out of the blue he messeges me and he was really sweet and nice. We made plans and he blew me off for his gf and wanted to try again in 2 days but I already went back home... we made plans again and he never texted me come close to that time and had an excuse and apologized and wants to try again... we haven't set a day yet to meet up and the thing is, is he is always so sweet and nice and we talk about us and how he wants to
Tell me his feelings to my face and such and we joke still about getting married and have kids and such and then he stops talking for a few days and says he needs space again... then messeges me again and the pattern repeats itself... is he playing head games or is he scared to get close again?


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  • Sounds like you are a fallback girl. He has a fight with his girlfriend then contacts you. Then when it is patched up with his girlfriend he ignores you.

    Don't be someone's fallback. Move on with your life.

  • I don't know, it sounds like the two of you had something special, but I'm sure he remembers when u wouldn't drop everything for him, I'm sure his pride was hurt, maybe he's asking himself y he should drop everything for you

    What do u think it is he's doing?

    • I dont know what he's doing... he acts like he still cares sometimes and other times he doesn't and I do t know what what to think

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    • If he keeps bailing we won't lol

    • If he keeps bailing that's not good, it would make it seem as if he doesn't care

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