Is Guy trying to get reaction from me?

Hello All
Am confused about a guys behaviour toward me at work, we are good friends but I got moved and sit very close to him now and he started doing well acting different.

If I ask other guys about there evenings etc he interupts and says how was your evening as he always asked me but stopped for no reason so I did, we have this joke about who is my favourite and he keeps saying woman near him who also my friend is his favourite and I can hear him saying it over and over and saying how great she is and really thanks her for stuff like fruit.

He so ott now with older women around us teasing etc acting very loud and jokey, but yet am the one who gives him stuff helps him is there for him but he never goes on like that but cheers that's it.
He stares lots, likes to see me smile as says smile more, teases me lots and he knew upset me today kept talking crap if honest to keep me talking and saying I only joke you are favourite but he goes over the top., he likes my attention and says am so nice and checks me out too now and out of work social events touches my shoulders lots and always near me,

Why would he act like this now with me but want to lunch with me still and is so comfortable with me but then acts all immature and if honest selfish to me but yet others get treated better, he use to always be nice then overnight like this?
Also after today I went quiet with him and I could tell he knew as he kept asking what I was doing later why I was not with bf when he knew my bf works tonight, he has always known that but yet kept saying what you doing why you alone bless you I find it strange to be bothered bout me if feels nothing


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  • He just wants to get to know you


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