Why men choose this stupid text to break no contact?

We were not even bf and gf. He was pursuing me for months. I had my fear and doubts. Eventually we had a big fight. we were nog speaking for two weeks. His text was. Hey beautiful how are you? How cons that he goes straight to thd point and aside hd missed md of something more realistic?


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  • When a guy says 'hey beautiful' he is wanting to make you feel good. He does not say this because he needs to, he is saying it to make you feel good. It sounds like you are a suspicious person and I'm guessing that's why things were rocky in the first place. At this point you are lucky he is trying to talk to you at all.

    • Wow how does that make me suspecious?

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    • I meant the purpose of te text is obviously not tomake me feel good. It is rather to make his ego boost or make up with me. He should have said I missed you and can I call you or something than that vague text. How about honesty. After a break up , It is obvious that emotions and doubts are high. Either way I know his text is stupid. He even said he would call the next day and he never did. So his playing his stupid games

    • If you know what is what in this situation- why on earth did you ask this question?

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  • Huh? Just seems friendly.., not stupid.


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