Does he like me? he changed the way he acts infront of me. what does it mean?

It all started today, i've liked him since a year and a half back. He knows that i liked him but probably doesn't know i still do. We are in the same grade, and our classes (three classes in our grade) are pretty close so we have lessons, lunch. You name it together. We never really talked. Only those hello's and normal classmate thing. But today we where in the lab just siting there and doing our biology work, when him and his two closest friends came in. I didn't act as if i liked him, I told him are you gonna sit here then you better be quite, Than he started talking with me and my bio-partner. And we talked more, pranked each other and if someone looked it seemed that we where close friends. We talked from everything from soccer to the kpop celebs i think was hot. (i had a collage of them, and he asked about it) He even winked at me twice when we were talking, and i just laughed. Afterward at the end of the day we went our separate ways to our classrooms, and after school ended he stayed behind with some friends and so did i althought i had a musical practice. And i lost my homekeys and was panicking. When i found them i walked past him but he asked me "Are you going home?" and i just answered no not yet. He then asked if i had been crying since i still had a panicking face. I told him that i had been looking for my keys and he said that happened to him too and he almost had a heart attack too then. We laughed about it and left our separate ways after saying good bye. He never really taken so much notice of me and spent time with me, when we were talking about the guys on my collage he asked if i thought some of them were hot. also on insta he posted some meme about black people and i commented "wtf, you must be joking" a little while later he removed the photo.

Help is seriously needed, thanks guys, and girls
Does he like me or am i just hallucinating?


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