Does this dude like me?

There's this really shy guy and he's been looking at me a lot, smiling at me, liking my photos on Facebook and has been following me a little, like, he'd always want to stand/sit close to me at school but he's so shy that we haven't really talked much. I messaged him a couple of days ago on Facebook saying 'hey' and we talked for a while! He sent really long messages telling me about his favourite music and things like that, we really got along! So I've kind of waited for him to message me first now as I don't want to make him uncomfortable because I know how shy he is. Apparently he's even more shy around girls he likes. We haven't spoken since but he still liked a new photo of mine the night after?
I was thinking of maybe talking to him like once a week? Does he seem interested though? By what I've told you he does? There didn't seem to be any dislike towards me else he would've been short online? I'm not sure :)


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  • ok here's something. im very shy and I can't start a convo whatso ever. you will have to start the text messages and you won't be bothering him. If you text him and he likes you its like a bundle of joy. He might text first way later on but for now you will have to do that

    • Okie dokie :) I just hope he won't mind, I mean, he sent really long messages so I guess he seemed interested, he was so talkative too! But at the same time, I don't want to come across as strange by messaging him a lot because we haven't really talked that much in person before :)

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    • Haha tell me about it, my ex used to get them at the most randomest of times. He was weird though but it was kind of hilarious, I'm not gonna lie! :')

    • If you do it just giggle but not too hard and keep talking cause if you make it a big deal it is a turn off but if you just laugh it off, big confidence booster

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