Is he attracted to me?

So I started to talk to this Guy who i was interested in. I've always had a thing for him ever since i saw him in my chemistry class. Now we both switched out of the class. I only see him during lunch. Whenever we talk, we would always have a good time. When we talk in the hallway, he corners me and puts his Hand on the wall/locker so I won't be able to move away. One time, when we were messing around, he started to touch my thighs and started to kiss my cheek. He would always hug me Long and tight when i see him. Whenever i talk to him in Spanish, he seems delighted and intrigued. When i wore a dress to school he told me i looked sexy and put his arma around my hips and started to deep kiss make-out with me and it lasted for a minute. When we hang out, he would always hold my Hand and playfully poke me when he jokes around or teases me. When im feeling tired, he would always give me a massage and make me tea. When im not feeling well, he would always give me a Tablet so I would feel better. When i went to the movies with him and his Guy friends, the guys were all smiling at him and patting him on the back. He has Nice gestures. He would hold the door open for me and be like after you la niƱa. Every morning, we listen to songs together sharing earbuds and he would always touch my Hand and doesn't let Go. He even got the same Job that i have so we could hang out more and when i socialize with other employees, he looks jealous but when i tell him im just being friendly, he smiles at me and say i know in Spanish. He likes to tease me a Lot and is definitely a Guy who likes to take control. One time, when he invited me to a party. We were dancing and the song we ended right debby Ryan came on. We started to dance and he would gran me by the waist and put my shoulder against his body. When we were doing a lab in science class, he Said "(my name)'s Hot" "does anybody want her? If nobody is going to make a move, then i will." "finders, keepers buddy" ucantrecyclewastedtime.
before we started to talk, he would always make eye Contact with me in class. When we were doing a lab, he asked me if i was single. When i Played the piano for him, he wanted me to teach him how to Play it. He would always make as much skin Contact as possible with me. We would take selfies together occasionally and when we went to the Beach along with his friends, he dropped me in the ocean playfully on purpose and we both got soaked but then he started to make out with me using tongue.


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  • This is fake.

    No 18 year old woud describe making out with a guy on many occassions and then ask if he liked her.

    • he could be a player and might just want me for sexual pleasure

    • The question was "Is he attracted to me?". Not, "is he a good person to date?".

      I will, however, answer both questions in thay order:
      1) yes
      2) not at all from that description.

      In the future, I recommend you refrain from making out with men before identifying whether or not they want you for more than sex.

Most Helpful Girl

  • It sounds like he likes you. That's good! However, be careful, sometimes that kind of guy can turn out to be a player. I'm not saying that he is, just be careful. Good luck!


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  • He does. If you like him back, you should definitely ask him out.


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  • Yes, think it's pretty clear and obvious that he's attracted to you...

    • Thanks for letting me know!

    • Does she like me? When I see her, she starts licking my face and taking my clothes off while saying, 'I love you'. Then this other girl said hello to me, and she jumped on the girl and started beating her with her purse and clawing at her face. Then she came over to me and told me she wanted to ducttape me and put me in her basement so we could ALLLLLWAYS BE TOGETHER, with a really ecstatic smile. Then she licked my face again. Does she like me?

  • It couldn't be more obvious


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