Is he into me or just playing around?

We have been talking for about a week now and we met online. His online pf said he was done with the bs and just wanted a real relationship. He wrote on there he wants a girl that is fun sexually and works out. Yes I believe I am those things but that's all he tries to talk about. Can I get a sexy picture? Can you take a video etc. I don't know if he even likes me due to the fact he doesn't ask me any questions and what not. He's 27 and I'm 20 does he think I'm a joke or something to pass the time by while he finds the "real" girl of his dreams?
  • Wait it out and see if that's just part or his personality
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  • Leave he's just using you until the right girl comes along.
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  • REALLY !!! So he feels getting pics and videos are in order but hasn't asked anything about you? I can't in anyway see this going well for you at all. It sounds like a total B to me. If he had at least shown some sort of interest in more than your body I may have said different but that just wasn't there


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  • He is not the correct guy.. Lemme tell u he is just having fun.. He isn't serious at all! Leave him.. He don't deserves u


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  • hmmm better avid him... never trust some online stranger ;-)


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