If a guy acts kinda awkward around a girl, does he like her?

If a guy is quite awkward around one girl but isn't awkward at all with other people, does it mean he likes that one girl? What else could it be if he doesn't like her? I know a guy who's so awkward around me but I have trouble believing he might actually like me so I wanna know what other reasons there could be if a guy behaves that way.


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  • I know I get pretty nervous/awkward around people I like. But it is possible he's just an awkward person and you can't recognize that awkwardness with other people but can obviously feel it when it's directed towards you. Have you tried texting him? That can be less awkward, especially people who are predisposed to being awkward. It might be the best way to try and flirt with him if he's acting like that around you.


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  • he might be awkward around everyone but not seem so when you aren't part of the convo. that is what I think peopole see me as when in reality im just listening to the convo and randomly brought up and laugh and say yea because im shy.

    • Trust me I know him well enough to know that he isn't awkward AT ALL with people

    • try asking other people if he is awkward around them. if not then maybe he likes you

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