Guy that I "talk" to at school is so different, why is there such a signifigant difference talking in person vs texting?

we go to dances we talk and text almost everyday. But lately I have been noticing as our friendship (we aren't exclusive i dont think) grows he is becoming more open but nothing compares to when we are texting. He is more personable when I dont see him in person. He always seems nervous when I talk to him in person; on and off eye contact and he wrings/rubs his hands a lot.


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  • It's all bullshit, and there are always games between what's implied and what's stated, its unavoidable (connotation vs denotation) and style of interpretation varies by person. I don't really do it if I actually care about growing or maintaining an emotional relationship with someone, I call them. Text is emotionless and how people hide.
    Human communication really has nothing to do with what is being said, but #how it is being said. You can say anything you want in text that you wouldn't say looking into someone's eyes talking to them in person. Ask him to call you or call him yourself and just talk, you will both be much more comfortable interacting in person, I promise!

    If Talk is cheap,
    Texting is worthless.
    I know the rules
    but there are none.
    - A poem by me

    • disclaimer: Im not 18-24 im 16 going on 17 so texting is what we do...

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    • You're still a millennial in the digital generation and still a human being so all of the above still applies. I've just come to learn from my experience. Texting is what everyone does in present society. It's was the same for me when I was your age, it was and still is all texting. Feels a lot safer doesn't it.

    • Here's some good life advice for ya: The easy choice is never the right choice.

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  • well they dont see you and its a lot easier. IM shy and I get it just talk through text til he gets comfortable. its a LOT easier

  • Because in text, you interpret everything based on your own imagination... So for example on here people think I'm a narcissistic asshole. In real life women think I ridiculously charming. Today a woman even told me I was so kind after blushing and all that. lol

    • that is actually a good point, I hadn't thought of that

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