Does he think I like him?

So recently this guy knew I was trying to pass him so he took two steps back and stepped on my foot. I thoug he was going to fall so I grabbed his waste and his bicep. I held it for like a long time lol like 20 seconds and he didn't even do anything!!! I don't know why I did... And then he turned back an inch away from my face and looked at me and I just made this really disgusted face because I didn't know what was going on lol... And then he stepped and I did too and he looked back at me one inch away from my face and said sorry but I just turned my face because we were way to close hahahha... I'm super embarrassed... What does he think of me?
I don't like this guy... I just don't want him saying to his friends or something that unlike him because I already have a crush


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  • i'm pretty sure he doesn't like you :-/

    • But does he think I like him? Because I don't

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