Is he just a flirt or does he really like me?

So I really like this guy. And we are pretty good friends. He flirts with me all the time. But not only does he flirt with me, but he flirts with my friend too. He only flirts with us only. He takes my things and makes me chase him for it. He playfully trips me, if he walks in front of me he stops and collides with me. He touches my hand, constantly asks for a pencil ext. With my friend he only takes her things and pulls her hair ( he does that to me) but he offered her a hug once. But some people say he's just being a flirt and doesn't like me. Should I just try to forget him?


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  • Considering the age (I'm assuming he's around the same age as you), he's probably just being flirty. Because the things you describe, are what teens do when they like someone. During their late 20's or early 30s, people usually express their liking in more mature ways, not the way he's doing.

    • Thank you for ur reply. But tbh I'm a teen and so is he. My mom always tells me to never put ur true information online. Anyway, he still flirts with my friend. How do I know he likes me and not her?

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  • I think he's interested in you.


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  • This kid is 30? lol wow i would do stuff like this in high school but he's just being flirty, make it known that you like him

    • Well tbh Im only a teen and so is he. My mom always told me to never put ur true information on the internet so I'm actually 14. But my next question is, he still flirts with my friend. How do I know he's not just being a flirt and actually likes me?

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