Do you think it's unfair that men complaining at women for everything bad happening?

I have noticed that men don't bother to ask her out if she is good or extremely nice but they always go for bad ones. They love bad girls if you see on tv and movies. they are using only the bad ones, and yet they complain about what happened because of she was bad or blah blah. do you think it's fair to hear that kind of complains?


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  • The thing isn't so much that they are bad girls its that they are the hotter girls. Yes I know many women out there have far better personalities than a lot of the bitches that get hit on, but these women don't go up and talk to men usually. So if there is a group of women standing around, waiting for us men to approach them, and not saying anything we have nothing to go on but looks. So the superior personalities don't get considered as much because they are not displayed only looks are. If you want to beat a bitch with a hotter body, you need to display something you have that makes you more of a catch to men than she has, your personality, and YES for ltrs personality does count immensely!


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  • This is like guys asking why girls go for "bad guys" lol there is just no such thing as "good" or "bad" people act like humans... that's it... what makes a person is their actions and their attitude towards life and others, if your a douche then your a douche lol if your sweet then your sweet :). Humans love the ideals of morality and pureity but there is nothing "pure" about the world we live in, we have corruption and bullies all around us that make us do stupid things too, we make plenty of mistakes all the time in our lives, so i think people need to drop this ideal of "pureity" and stop trying to act like they are so "good" all the time, that then makes you blind to the bad things you do if you act like an idiot to people. Then there is people who DO know they are being an idiot to everyone but they use preech morality and "goodness" as an excuse lol they keep telling themselves "i'm a good person" when they clearly aren't...


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  • At the risk of sounding stupid Ill still ask if this is just satire on how guys say how women complain about bad guys that treat them badly?

    • they end up with bad guys because no one ask her out don't you hear what I am pointing at?

    • I really was being genuine with my question. I agree that people overall should stop complaining about how they are surrounded by bad people. They're surrounded by them because they choose to be have those people in their life whether they care to admit it or not.

  • Well women complain at men for everything bad happening too so it's all fair. =/


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