Crush ignoring me - maybe looking at another?

Okay I'm feeling horrible right now.
My crush has been avoiding for months after I avoided first one time because I was having a bad day. After that I tried going up to him making conversation but it does so quick and he's does this thing where he puts his head down when he sees me.

Well anyways I've stopped staring and going up to him trying to show him interest and I just kept to myself. Now he walks by me not around me like before but he doesn't even glance at me. Yesterday I thought he was trying to show interest again because he came up to me and asked me some questions about work but I seen him walk away and look at this other girl. But today he walked past me again but ignored me! But I think he looked at the other girl again. He doesn't know her she just asked him to throw away something the other day and went on. Does he not like me? I tried !


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  • Play hard ball make him realize u r the shit and show him u know it and do not need him go out have fun and be your sexy self


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