Is my best friend hinting her brother likes me?

So I was just chilling with my best friend and then totally out of the blue she randomly said "if you and my brother started dating we could be sisters in law" and I was like what that has nothing to do with what I was just telling you and so I asked her where that came from and she just laughed it off and continued the conversation totally ignoring my question.
I asked some other girl friends and none of them know so you know I go to the trusty internet


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  • i guess she was just joking


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  • It is not clear enough for me to say. Maybe I guess. Maybe she was fooling around. Try to ask her in a subtle way, get more clues and then you will find out. How old is her brother?

    • He's 2 years older than both of us. I kind of hope that it was just fooling around because that might be awkward and I just don't like him like that (I have know my best friend for 5 or 6 years and him about the same amount of time and I have never thought of it until now so it was kind of a shock when she randomly said it)

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  • It means she sees you two look good together, or probably suspects that her brother likes you..


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