Does he like me?

I was with my friends and we went to goodwill to look at clothes. I saw this black choir outfit, and put it on. I went to my guy friend (who I have a crush on) and asked him what he thought, and he coughed and said "UGLY". I felt bad and said he hurt my feelings. He then helped me out of the shirt and said "you look nicer in the clothes you're wearing". So does he like me, or was he just paying a compliment?

by the way, he NEVER compliments anyone!


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  • maybe, he was being honest though..

    • Are guys really honest about how girls look?

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    • well maybe ask him out just the two of you..

    • look for lots of direct eye contact with you. hug him, how long he hugs you for,

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  • He probably doesn't.


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  • If he liked you he would've thought you look hot in anything. Or he could have just been joking

    • He literally threw that shirt across the room.. he apologized for hurting my feelings though

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