Should I text him asking why he backed off?

So he's backed right off for no apparent reason. Things seemed to be going great and we were talking all the time, but since last weekend, he's not initiating texting and when he replies they're just brief texts with no questions. I've not been texting him very often - only once this week. i feel like I deserve some kind of explanation. My friend wrote a text she thinks I should send, but I'm slightly worried it's a bit rude/desperate. It says:

So, how's it going? Just straight up, what's up? If you're not interested/met someone better/didn't have fun/whatever else, that's totally cool but just say so... It's a bit unfair to just back off without a word.

I've not sent it yet. Should I?
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  • No. Initiating conflict in a situation like that will only push him farther away. Plus, nobody ever owes you an explanation for their behavior. As a matter of fact, it'd be better for you if you never thought that anyone owed you anything.

    Find something else to occupy your time. You shouldn't be wasting it on someone who doesn't fully appreciate you, anyway.

    • I guess it's more about wanting to know what I did wrong so that I can understand, rather than about him owing me an explanation. Just want to understand how someone can go from pretty full on to practically disappearing in the space of a weekend.

  • that text sounds like a good idea to me... send it, and don't chicken ;-)


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