Why did he change his behavior after we saw each?

I started talking to a guy over a month ago over an app. We didn't send pictures of each other so we didn't know how we looked. We connected really fast, like we were the same person. We soon started sexting and talking about our desires in bed and what we would do if we met and stuff like that. In the meantime we would talk also about we being together and he would say the cutest things imaginable and he kept reassuring me that he wouldn't even try to have sex with me from the beginning, only maybe after a month or so.
This lasted for about 3 weeks and we decided to add each other on Facebook and continue our conversations there. We both like how the other looks, so that's great. He stopped any subject that has to do with us meeting, or being together. I mentioned our sexting, telling him that I hope I can trust him not to talk to others about this and he ended up saying that we will never have those kind of conversations again, he just can't do this now that he has seen me. What am I to think about his response? I wonder if he sees me more than "a fun talk online" and he respects me way too much now, or he simply got bored?


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  • Simple disgust.


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