What do you think to this?

We get on so well and been good friends 2 years at work.

He always teased me, complimented me saying I lost weight he so proud of me, would say loud and weren't bothered who heard, stared at me lots, look at himself and groomed when saw me, asked me lots questions about my weekend and evenings.
Always gave me food he had, turned roubd at his desk and say stuff to me like am I ok, ask me for stuff, say I give you attention as love seeing you happy.

Then literally overnight he backed off, he still talks but it's like he kinda wary and won't compliment says not allowed, but stares still, trys to lunch on our own, show me his new car but I get treated like other people if honest but he still try's to not upset me and hates it if he does and looks so sad. But one day kept saying smile miss you smiling as sick of work at moment and he got mardy with me so texted saying stop acting weird to me and he now gone like this.

We both are in relationships but very close and don't know each other's partners.

Guys mainly your views but maybe someone said stop being toward me at work as managers don't let us sit togeather neither.

Maybe he liked me I upset him or thinks I like him?
Also to add on he would say stuff like touch my shirt and laugh and go this is boyfriend material and be kinda sexual stuff he said and got jealous bout other guys flirting round me, it's strange but I feel like he wants to be same but can't, we went out work do about week ago and he could not keep hands of me there he was not drunk neither and saying am so nice girl and fantastic girl, I just don't understabd have asked him but says he is same


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