Guy gives you his number and says he hopes to hear from you?

I know I'm probably trying to read more into it than what he means, but why do guys do this instead of just getting my number. We met on Tinder (just having intellectual conversations) and he said I was a genius and he really meant that. He had messaged me first twice, so when I had to go, he gave me his number and said "I'll hopefully hear from ya.." He also said he thought we'd get along great. I guess, with my experience, there's always a catch. Does he seem genuinely interested?


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  • He's interested but there's plenty of spiel to get past.

    • I'm not quiet sure I know what you mean? Are you trying to say he's interested, but not THAT interested? Or, he's just feeding me compliments right now? I didn't respond to the genius thing... that was a little... I don't know.

    • Yeah he's trying to ingratiate himself, he's insincere but interested.

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  • if he wasn't interested then he'd not give you his number basically ;-)

  • He isn't lying?


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