Shy guy or not interested?

I've known this guy for about three years. He sometimes hangs out at the same people as me. We met at school, on the first year we barely talked to each other. On the second year, we had to do a group presentation together, and we were together almost all the time after that. During that time he always talked to me, even if it made no sense. He tried to keep the conversations on, and stole my stuff. (Only to get me to follow him.) he also got me nicknames. I was too dumb to realise he probably liked me at that moment, or that I even liked him. I didn't kinda notice it. We just called eachother nicknames and stole the others stuff.

Then, summer break happened. When i got back to school, he was in a new group of friends. He's trying to avoid me now. If we're alone, he's a bit more relaxed. If there is anyone else, he sometimes even makes fun of me. He nearly never even looks at me, he just keeps his head to the opposite direction of me. I've tried to talk to him, but he just answers with one word-phrases, as if trying to end the conversation as soon as possible.

I share one class with him. I once went next to him, but as soon as i did, he moved to the other empty place. I don't even understand him anymore. If we meet somewhere where there isn't any other people, he looks at me through his peripheral vision. I've only tried to talk to him like twice. Both at the start of the school, somewhere around August. After that, It's been quite awkward. One weird thing that also happened - I was walking past he and a few of his friends. As i walked past, he turned to my direction. I could almost feel his stare, but then someone from his friends said something negative about me, and he quickly turned back at them and was quite quiet.

Any help in this situation would be lovely. Thanks :)


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  • I think his friends dont approve of you (like girls ask their friends if they approve of a guy). some guys do that too.

    • Ya, i think this might be the case :(

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  • he won't listen to his friends if he is really interested in you so ignore him like he does


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