Why do guys do this?

okay so there is this guy, super annoying but incredibly hot, and we have three classes together. Like I said, he's super annoying and he stares at me all of the time or will sit so close our legs are touching and it just really bugs me because the way he looks at me is like... I don't know sexual kinda? anyway he has a gf and I don't like him very much as a person but he's just always bugging me and I'm sort of shy so why is he doing that?

Also, I'm not super pretty or anything so is he just like making fun of me or something?


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  • He's probably just teasing you. Its usually those annoying types that target the quiet/shy ones. He's most likely playing around with you to get a reaction from you or he's trying to get you to open up.

    • Would there be a way to get him to stop? I really don't like him and I'm not super comfortable with tonnes of attention. Plus he puts his arm around me a couple times and I was like "What are you doing?" and he was like "you looked cold" and then he laughed and he's just super weird. Yet somehow he's incredibly popular so I don't know why he keeps talking to me.

    • Yeah those are definitely the traits of someone whose fishing for a reaction. Guys like that want attention and they will keep bothering you as long as you continue to feed into their bait. Next time don't take the bait and just ignore him in all your classes and avoid him outside of class. If that doesn't work then pointing out how super annoying he is should calm him down.

      From my few run-ins with annoying people. The ignoring/avoiding/showing disinterest in them route always worked best.

    • I think when I ignore him, he gets worse because he has to have everyone like him. He's nice to people until they actually like him and then he ignores them until he wants to use them for something. i think I bruised his ego when I ignored him before, I made it pretty clear that I didn't like him.

  • I can't be sure im sorry I need to meet the man

    • But it's weird right? It seriously can't be normal

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    • We're partners for a gr 9 peer tutoring class where we help out the gr 9s and have to do projects together so I can't exactly avoid him, although I've tried. But anyway I guess he's just a weird person, and i'll just have to live with it.

    • sorry I can't help you anymore then this

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