Should a girl move on if?

A guy begins to take a long time to reply back to her texts (sometimes more than 24 hours)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Most guys have lives, if it's a constant habit that he just doesn't respond when you text him that's one thing. However, if he occasionally doesn't text you back right away that doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't like you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • No but there should be a reason I mean saying your busy is fine just don't lie. If a guy lies, I will make sure he confesses I'm not some dumb broad now. I'm not about those games either so lets not play here.

    • He never gives a reason, and he does it a few times

    • That's weird I'd suspect something I mean why hide something?

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  • i m in the same situation altho when i see him he s like u know u can talk to me anytime? then i text but he won't reply.


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