Guys, would you appreciate this?

This guy that I've been talking to for 2 months now is kinda going through some things. As a cheer me up gift I made him some brownies (he loves sweets), a stuffed animal (I know he doesn't mind them lol), and a $5 gift card to chick-fil-a because he likes their milkshakes. I want to drop it off to him by time he gets home from work. Would you appreciate something like that? Also, I wanted to set it all up on his bed. Would you be mad if someone went in your room while you weren't there? He has roommates who will let me in.


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  • Skip the bed thing. Do the rest.

    • Haha thanks! His roommates weren't even home so I gave it to him in person. I was thinking about skipping the bed thing too though.

    • Yeah, that's a bit stalker-ish. If you were in a relationship then it would be okay but most people don't want someone violating their privacy. What if he had personal stuff in there he didn't want you to see? Like his voodoo doll collection or something...

    • Haha understood.

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