Guy calls you girl all the time?

No he's not gay so lets just get that one out of the way. I also like him a lot and i think he may like me but he's acting strange. he never used to call me girl and now he does all the time. it wouldn't throw me off if it were normal. a friend of mine who has known him longer than i says he has never heard him call a girl "Girl" and said that he may be trying to claim me and express his feelings. he will say in a really almost douchbaggy voice "why not girl?" or "bye girl" but he's not a douchebag he's an awkward guy who is shy and plays video games all the time. i just find it very very strange. and sometimes its so soft i can almost not catch it or its choppy and slurred. its very very strange and i need to know if this is normal or if its just something that he's doing for what ever reason. it doesn't bug me so much that he's doing it. i actually find it kind of sweet if its what i think it is which is what my gut is telling me. what bugs me is the fact that its not like him, i dont wanna make him feel like he has to be awkward.


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  • He forgot your name


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