Why do girls like to flash their eyes, when they're mad?

I do it too.

I just like doing it lol I know I look cute doing it. I think some of the times the guy at the other end is not intelligent enough to understand I'm not really mad


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  • You point a camera at your eyes while the flash goes off?

    • No, I mean, kind of like, blinking their eyes in an angry way, (glaring)... like flashing

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    • Ha ha kind of like glaring at you while blinking rapidly

    • Would think a fly flew into their eye and they were pissy about that haha.

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  • "Flash their eyes"
    English is my 3rd language and I do not think I'm familiar with that term. I am a little confused.

    • I meant kind of like, glare at you repeatedly and blink. Or narrow their eyes when they're mad.

      Pretty much just use their eyes to show they're annoyed. I think girls like doing it because they know they can get away with it lol

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    • Oh I see! Well, I do that too whenever I am annoyed or angry at someone.

      "make her stopppp why is she glaring at me"
      We probably look kind of scary whenever we do that :p.

    • Heehee yes we likely do! :P

      Sometimes I do it because I know the guy will be thinking that, so it is fun to watch him get uncomfortable :P

      I'll literally be thinking, 'I'm sorry... is this BUGGING you or something? Now you know how I feel when you were being mean the last time I saw you."

      Revenge is fun :)

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  • i thought they used to flash their teeth basically


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