Why is he doing this?

So there is this guy in my school, he started asking my best friend how I was doing he did it twice which makes in weird because one week he asked her, then the next week he asked me when I was at his work for dinner, and then the week after that he then again asked my best how I was doing again. My friends who were with me at dinner said it felt like he was trying to flirt and it made them feel awkward. My best friend asked him why he was asking about be and said its because he had not seen me for a while. Which was bull because he would look me in the eye at school and act like I was not even there. This was at the time he was asking my best friend about me. I know I he has a girlfriend who isn't my biggest fan to be polite about it, so I don't understand why he would care. So what is going on? why is he acting like this?


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  • I hope when you said school, you meant college not high school since your 23 =)

    • yes, I am in college.

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