Guy, jokingly, asks me to marry him?

He's just a guy I work with. We haven't known each other, but for maybe two months. There has always been something there, though. He's super smart, and that kinda attracted me to him because I'm very intellectual, as well. We started talking one day, and it has kinda evolved into this "thing" where we always kinda play argue, debate, and flirt every night at work. We use our intellect to engage our minds and flirt with each other. The other night, he said me and this other guy we work with argued like a married couple and that we should go out... in front of that guy. I was caught off guard because that guy has a girlfriend and I quickly stated that and the fact the kid is like 19 to my almost 23, and I'm not a predator. I though it was weird that he would just say that. Well, tonight, we flirted and flirted. There is just a tension there where we drive each other crazy, but we enjoy it, if that makes sense. I was sort of playfully ignoring him as he was letting me and another co-worker out the front door tonight, and as I made my way into the parking lot, he called out after me, "Marry me?" I kept walking without looking back. Was he just continuing the playfulness? Trying to get a reaction? It just kind of caught me off guard.


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  • He trying to gauge your interest. He definitely is interested in you ! Keeping the conversation light and funny is his goal and he on the right track. He want to keep you guessing, it a classic tactic that even I use it all the time.

    If I was him, I would never straight up tell you my feeling, I would just make it more and more obvious if the signal is right until you ask the question "Do you like me?" Then I will playfully say "You first!" or whatever float my boat :D

  • My goodness. What you have there is the makings of a little romantic comedy. A real Hallmark Hall of Fame Holiday chick flick.


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