Guys why does it take a girl to leave you for you to realize what you had?

I had something going on with this guy, but it was mainly sexual. I wanted to hangout and spend time, but he just wanted sex. Now that I dropped him, told him I didn't want to talk anymore and SHOWED him how serious I was by not contacting him in the past 3 weeks now he's texting me telling me he miss me. I'm not buying it, so I didn't respond. My question is pretty straight forward like why does it take a girl to walk away and stop caring for the guy to realize what he had, then he comes running back?


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  • It won't happen with this particular guy because it was purely sex to him.

    • What won't happen? I haven't contacted him, he contacted me.

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    • I see. No need to say sorry, I already know what he's about that's why I dropped him like a hot potato and continue to ignore him. He called me an hour after texting me and I ignored him. I don't have feelings for him anymore. I just wanted to know why he's creeping back around. Clearly I have moved on.

    • I thought at first you were sort of acting defensive or that I may have offended you, and I know how hard it is sometimes but the best thing you can do is say to yourself that you can do a lot better, and that he has no self respect or respect for others probably. All the best!

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