Answer this: do you think that women think love is more important than men?

this was one of the questions on a worksheet my English teacher gave us and quite a few guys said yes i was upset because it is a stereotype that women are codependent and men aren't and that men can't show emotion or they get called weak or a p*ssy


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  • I'm sure it widely know that woman are more picky when it come to relationship than man.

    Men is like a car dealer ship and Women is like a car buyer. A men want to sell as many car as possible, while the buyer can only buy one at a time. If the buyer end up with a crappy car, she is screwed out of her investment.

    Pretty terrible metaphor but you get what I mean. Woman invest more in a relationship than men, on average.

  • Depends on what your definition of love.

  • yup. Men just want sex from women... and since women want social security , emotional support , hence they give easy sex to men.

    • i can support myself emotionally plus i don't anybody to feel bad for me.

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  • love is more important than men... ? that sounds weird.

    • well what i mean is do you think that as women we think love is more important as opposed to men?

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    • well do you think men find love important more than women do?

    • if they are less than 5 years old. other things could be more important like money house friends prostitutes.

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