How to show someone you're interested besides gentlemanly behavior?

Hey everyone, so lately I've been experimenting with more gentlemanly behavior and I dig it. Only thing is this girl I've been dating recently called me "old fashioned" after we linked arms for a long time on our last date (to be fair, she's the one who started it).

So guys, I'm just curious. How do you all indicate your interest to a girl if you don't use classic gentlemanly stuff (paying for both of you, giving her your coat, etc.)?


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  • Subtle touches ( Brushing your hand against hers)
    Compliments ( Saying she looks beautiful)
    Flirting ( Teasing her, whispering in her ear, Brushing her hair back behind her ear)
    Those are some, but the cover a broad horizon.

  • Flirt with her lol
    Tease her
    Play fight with her
    Listen to her
    Call her beautiful and make her feel special :)


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