Why was he staring at me?

I was at church on Wednesday. After we said our prayers we had to walk around and shake hands. I shook peoples hands then walked back to the pew where I was sitting, I shook some more hands. Then I turned my head to the left. I noticed a guy staring at me and he didn't stop staring at me. 5 minutes later they were handing out the bowls for money. Next thing I know my friend that was sitting next to me said something to me. I looked to my left. The guy who was staring at me 5 minutes before was standing next to me and smiling at me. I put my dollar in my bowl and handed it to him. Then he walked away and as he was walking away he was still smiling. Why was he staring at me?


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  • 1. He found u really pretty and couldn't stop looking
    2. He's a serial killer


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