What do guys consider a "real conversation" ?

So I understand guys like it and girls too when they meet someone who can carry a conversation. But what exactly is a "real conversation" to you? I thought it was something intellectual or informative but recently, I was talking to my friend and he brought up the fact he likes how I can carry a conversation... I was like what? really? All we talked about were pretty basic things and I know I do like to talk but I didn't know that just going along w the convo was carrying "real conversation." I was pretty flattered tho when he said that cause that just means something good for my bf.

So what do you consider a conversation? Especially guys cause I hear guys say "as long as they can carry a conversation" more often than girls.


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  • What is "pretty basic things"?

    As long as it flows and feel natural, it doesn't really matter about the topic. I'm always talking about philosophy and technical in-depth things to do with my interests because that's just me. I like to open up about feelings and emotions too. I can do zombie apocalypse scenarios, what I like about this show or that music... Seriously, what is "pretty basic things"?

    • Oh I see. See I thought it was always just being "intellectual" about that certain topic.

      So what I mean by "basic things" is like talking about what I'm doing for a living, asking him back what he is doing for a living. If he brings up a topic I know nothing of, I feel like I failed at that conversation but I do ask about that topic so I'm guessing just asking about that topic is already considered as having a real conversation?

    • You ask basic things to scratch at various topics to find something deeper. As long as it's flowing naturally and you're interested in what you're talking about and what you're listen to then it's fine. I've just listened to girls talk about stuff going on in their lives and I can be content just listening, that still feels real to me.

      What doesn't feel real is when girls start a conversation with hi and then expect me to say something other than just hi back. Asking questions and getting one word responses without questions or stories or perspective of their own, that's not a real convo, that's not even interview, it's just me talking to myself. Feeling like we have to carry/force the conversation too much is a problem. But if they actually want to talk your ear off and you just like to listen then that's ok too.

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  • If it doesn't sound scripted

    • What exactly is considered "scripted" though? is it like acting as if you know about that subject?

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  • metaphysics and logic.


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