Why he stopped communicating?

been seeing this guy and have had an ongoing thing

met up with him during summer break before i went overseas on a holiday

he still communicated, msged, called me when i was overseas but when i returned back, i msged him, still got a reply but all he said was hey stranger and never answered/replied back to my of my questions

indication to leave him alone or should i ask him what's going on?

dont want to come across as the annoying clingy type, but it's been bugging me why all of a sudden he's changed his ways


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  • I experienced the same thing. We live in different countries and only have seen each other for 15 minutes and kissed at a beach party. They lose interest so just forget about him. I only think that it was a romantic summer moment.


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  • Maybe he don't want you anymore. Guy always like that. They just using us. Move on.

  • He lost interest...


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