Why do people just 'pretend' to care?

I am really really hurt. Someone flirts with you, talks to you for hours and then one day just decide to leave you--no reason, nothing. Why to call someone a friend when you don't care? A guy has particularly did it with me. They don't deserve even a bit of respec but why hurt others? All my life I had trust issues and when I finally started to trust again, I end up crying every night.


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  • I guess his particular reason was... having sex with you, and that's why he was flirting you ;-)

    • I really really really hate guys now. It seems like most of them have only one thing in mind. They show that they really care about your life but they always have some motives.

  • You should understand that he wasn't looking for a serious relationship,
    probably you knew that too..

    • I mentioned that we were friends. No relationship. Nothing. Now you say? He wasn't looking for friendship either. If not, why talk to others?

    • Then probably he found out that he is not in to you.

    • That's the problem. Some guys can't understand that relationships and friendships are two different things.

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