If a guy wants you, he will make it happen?

Is it true that if you both are single and attractive, a guy would chase you and never push you away? All the lame excuses that "I don't deserve her", "I have trust issues", "I was hurt" will disappear when he would feel that he's going to lose you?


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  • No it's not true. A lot of guys will not chase women for a number of reasons.

    • Then those will be excuses because they are not that into them.

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    • Okay... do you know how to spot the low self esteem in guys?

    • www.self-help-and-self-development.com/...gns.html

      Scroll down in this link. There are a lot of signs.

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  • Rubbish, some guys are less confident and would actually watch you be happy with another guy instead of stepping to that plate & asking you out. You have to pick up on their slight/weird signs by befriending them & allowing them to open up to you afterwards. Even still the relationship could be a pain, because you have to constantly reassure them, you're happy & not cheating on them.


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  • if he REALY wants... you then he'd do anything in my opinion ;-)

    • I was asking in 'love' sense

  • If you like him, don't just wait for him like a damsel in distress so that he can sweep you off your feet. Ask him out without being overly pushy,

    • But as I asked in this question, he would have made it happen.

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