NOWW I am in deeep confusion?

two days ago, me and my crush I don't think he likes me btw' made eye contct for a second or two twice in the same day ! then also in the same day we bumped into each other (not on purpose) twice at the end of the day... then i caught him looking at me as well once when i was with my friends and the other was when i greated my friend who was absent and both times when I caught him he looked away reall quick!!! so what could that possibly mean? HELP


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  • He is into you.. afraid to let you know and therefore shy ! He doesn´t know how to aproach or flirt with you and is hoping for a smile or a look back! If you find him interesting then just hangout a lot and get to know each other. Start a friendship and take it from there! If you don´t like him... then just make clear you are just friends!



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  • This is silly.

    • thanks... but what I don't understand is he ignores me on chat and acts dry when he answers and now he's looking at me? ik its silly but it's just weird

    • It's meaningless. He's young just like you so it's more exploratory behavior.

    • oh ok thanks though :)

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  • That's meaningless and you're over thinking this.


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