Why does he need space?

My ex and I are expecting a baby in a little less then 3 months. We haven't talked much because of the fact we are broken up and he says he wants to focus on work right now... I don't believe him though... he's 21 and still wants to party. He smokes pot and drinks, he still goes out and does regular guy stuff... I was always taught then when you are expecting a baby you need to grow up... He hasn't. Is he having fears? Is he finding a way to not be a dad? He hasn't bought anything for the baby yet... He told me to give him space for 2 months, what does that even mean?


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  • You chose poorly.

    • Not like I did it on purpose, either way he will be supporting this child whether he wants to or not.

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    • And why am I a bad parent

    • You chose poorly. You accidentally got impregnated by a man who is worthless and immature and believed the myth that parents suddenly mature. In reality, of the two of you, you are the greatest fool.

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  • He says he "needs space" because he's lying. He sounds like the usual lazy pothead who doesn't take responsibility, and I'd assume you won't be able to rely on him being there for you because that sounds like the kind of person he is (a scumbag). Sorry all of this had to happen to you, in my opinion you should maybe try to find someone else to help you because I don't have a good feeling about that dude at all.

    Also the guy who commented who said you're a bad parent is pretty dumb, you've already proven you're a good parent by keeping it and going to take care it.


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