Why is my exbf acting so stupid?

I told my exbf that I still have feelings for him. and I told him it's not healthy for me to have sex with him with these feelings and I got to move on he got pisssed and now he's ignoring me. he says I keep blowing up his phone but always texts me all the time. he wanted to know if I still had feelings too which I don't get. all he does is hurt me I did so much for this guy and he says he doesn't want to be my friend he just wants to have sex cuz he said he can have sex without feelings. he constantly snap chats me all the time it's obvis he has feelings too still but doesn't want that to get involved.


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  • Because he IS STUPID and IGNORANT. Get him outta your life girl, block him from any soc med if you have to, you'll break for good if this continues.


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