Is he ignoring me because he doesn't want to hurt me? And why is he "acting" like I hurt him?

Long story short: This guy broke up with me a month ago because he said he can't and won't be able to handle a serious relationship because of his career (medicine). He said I deserved better and that it wasn't fair for me to be with someone who doesn't have any free time. However, he suggested to be friends and stay in touch, but I said I needed time to think, but that I was going to contact him later, and he was okay with that.

I tried to contact him a couple of times, but he completely ignored me. I knew his tweets were protected, but a week ago I found they were unprotected. I started to read all the things he tweeted since we broke-up: "Romantic" tweets about he being in love with someone but at the same time sad because she broke his heart. Tweets saying that he misses someone, but it's just not right. Tweets saying that he's going to hurt someone, and tweets about him being depressed. Tweets about saying he can't wait to see someone again. Tweets about dying of love. (A couple of his friends who are friends of mine confirmed that he isn't seeing anyone right now)

I remember I sent him the most beautiful letter saying that I understand why we can't be together (before I read his tweets), but that I still admire him because he is a great person. I found that after he read it, he tweeted: "I cried, not my tears, but my soul, the way it hurts the most". Days later, I messaged again saying that it's not fair for me to keep waiting for an answer, so "I was just writing to let you know that I'm not going to contact you anymore". 24hrs later, he literally tweeted that.

What's going on? Everything is so weird. I never hurt him, yet he sounds that I hurt him.


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  • You don't know for a fact that he is referring to you in his tweets so there's no point in assuming, and if he has broken up with you then he has made his choice between you and his career. Accept the reality, that he doesn't want the relationship, and realize that you shouldn't waste your time on a guy who doesn't prioritize you. He is willing to give you up for his selfish desires, is that really the guy you want to be with, because that's the kind of guy he is.

    • oh no, don't get me wrong. it took me a couple of weeks to realise that it's the best to be separated. i have no intentions in contacting him again nor to get back together. i just want him to move on and be happy, but his posts doesn't reflect that. i'm just worried about him, but i know i can't do anything. i just wish him the best.

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