I really need a guys opinion on my situation, a girl too I just need advice and I know its really long but PLEASE?

Okay so this guy and I were almost together, like we flirted, sexted, texted a lot in general ( like cute stuff and he was so so sweet) , spoke frequently and saw each other everyday ( we swim train at the same pool ) and would give each other flirty looks and stuff and we almost kissed but then didn't but that was cause of me being nervous ( never kissed anyone ) so we ended up kissing on the cheek.

Anyways so my best friend knew about how we were kinda i guess in the process of getting together and she liked him but i had liked him for 5 years and then she went out with him and then they broke up and then i told her about how i liked him because he started getting flirty, so i felt like i should say something. I told her not to say anything to anyone because he didn't want anyone to know about the personal stuff like the sexting and how we were kinda a thing I don't know... anyways so she ended up telling him about it and then he texted me and got pissed at me and said that he lost my trust and that i told everyone but i didn't... I didn't explain to him what happened cause he didn't want to hear it and so i ended up calling him an ass hole and then he replied saying " oh come on now we both know I'm not " and then i told him about how he has know idea how i feel and blah blah and he said that has nothing to do with it and then i said fine, if you're done then so am I ( i know stupid thing to say ) and now we don't speak, ignore each other and he talks shit about me and is flirting with my "supposedly" best friend.

I thought i was over him and I think i am but today i kinda miss him because we used to text like all the time and i feel lonely and I was just wondering if maybe he misses me and if he will ever want to rekindle what he had?

I know i sound like an idiot but i thought i was over him and i just don't even know anymore but i think i miss him.


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  • Tell him how you feel (without shouting)
    Unless you explain the situation fully then nothing will change and he will keep shit talking you.
    Although I'm saying this I don't think you should persue a relationship with this guy and probably should stop talking to your "best friend" They both sound incredibly toxic

    • Thanks for reading :)

      and a lot of people tried to stray me away from him as they said he's a self centered guy and apparently he really is an ass hole. But i guess i was just so mesmerized by him. I don't know if I can talk to him though because he avoids me in person and I avoid him too and he is best friends with this guy who I kinda had a thing with but rejected ( in a nice way ) so he hates me too. So he hangs out with a guy who bad talks me generally and now that the one i liked hates me too they bad talk me together. I have already stopped talking to my "best friend" i just don't really say anything to her anymore and its just very annoying. Cause i really do miss talking to him but at the same time I'm like Fuck you! cause he was really immature about it

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    • Thank you, i feel kind hesitant on saying hey so should i just explain what happened and then let him read it. I feel weird though because i don't want him to then tell the his best friend about it and say " haha yeah she still likes me but I'm done "

    • Do NOT say that you still like him. No point giving him any more ammo.
      Send one block message explaining the whole situation don't let him but in and irritate you

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